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Hebei KaiHeng steel trade Co., LTD. Is a collection of steel trade, storage, logistics as one of the modern trade enterprise. The company is located in modern steel all-handan city, hebei iron and steel group is in the level agents in north China, specializes in hangang, han treasure galvanized rolled plate, pickling rolled plate, plate series such as high quality board......

pre-painted galvanized steel c
galvanized steel coil
galvanized steel coil
galvanized steel coil
galvanized steel coil
galvanized steel coil
Steel prices continue down this week to stabilize
Wind and rain resistance of transaction in mid-Aug
Multi-factor cross-impact caused steel prices agai
Steel City needs hard won boost in home appliance
Price from the bottom of the far September is expe
Business philosophy:
To create value for customers, employees seek the development, and for social responsibility
The conception of good faith:
Steel reputation, iron commitment
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